When playing this song I can’t help but do this every damn time:



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My dogs love my mum…



… but she might just kill them.

Holy Sith!


So, this happened today…


I predict less force choking and more ewoks!

Scribbling and scrawling

I’m still drawing and stuff!

I haven’t given up or anything. Just hella busy is all!

Here is the evidence of said doodles:



Now, bugger off!

More stuff soon.


Ciao for now

In Cod We Trust

New tattoo design [not for me] is coming along alright. Coloured parts are just roughs to give a basic idea.

Good ol’ Capn’ Birdseye! … Funny thing is I fecking HATE fish fingers.

Here’s a peer through the periscope:



I can’t Imagine…

Hey folks!

Check it. My shit is in IMAGINE MAGAZINE.


Yeah, so I got my design for my father’s voice over ad on the inside front cover. Full page, baby! Suh-weet!

Here it is in better quality:



Deadly Circus Fire’s upcoming show in May at the Purple Turtle now has a lovely ol’ poster AND you guys can help us by downloading it right here (til the 9th of April) and print it out and paste it all over the effing place!

PS. It’s set for A3. Nice and BIG!